Tomato Vegetable Soup

Cutting out nightshades has not been going so well, needless to say. I didn't have tomatoes or peppers or potatoes all week and then on Friday I was feeling frisky so I ate a tomato sauce my friends made and it's kind of been a montage of me eating tomatoes in every possible way since then. I've … Continue reading Tomato Vegetable Soup


The Best Paleo Potato Soup

I don't always say my soup is the best, but... actually I do. I know this one is good though because my boyfriend ate it. The guy who says soup is gross, and I quote "There's nothing appetizing about food floating in water." He ate this, and said I probably changed his mind about soups. … Continue reading The Best Paleo Potato Soup

Summer Stew

Summer Stewed Root Vegetables garnished with Shredded Fermented Carrot and Basil My roommate is officially getting annoyed with me referring to my Perrier water as Dom Perignon... and then rapping to Drake as I drink it from the bottle.  So I'm in my room writing you this letter instead.  Still sippin' on that Dom though. … Continue reading Summer Stew