Paleo Seed Loaf

I definitely referenced the Paleo Grubs recipe to make this using whatever I had on hand to modify it. Shout out to Harper for this masterpiece. I've been getting my motivation to live back this week. I just got a new bed and a new couch and a sexy set of pots and pans and … Continue reading Paleo Seed Loaf


Artichoke Shakshuka

When FOMO turns into reaching my saturation point, I come to the kitchen.  I've always wanted to make shakshuka in my own way but never set the time aside.  Looking at my  day planner is overwhelming because I always say yes.  What restless part of the brain is it that causes you to be completely unable … Continue reading Artichoke Shakshuka

Paleo Cinnamon Banana Pancakes

Pancakes without the heavy groggy feeling you get after eating pancakes.  Quick review on Otto's Cassava Flour:  I've tried several flour replacements over the last few years and this was by far my best experience.  You can take almost any recipe and directly replace all purpose flour with cassava and it just works.