So listen, I’m a salesperson.  I love to drink wine and cook and eat.  I don’t have an inside voice and to make it worse I never shut up.  This is me holding up a rambutan that I picked up at the public market in Seattle.  I like trying new things that don’t involve white flour and refined sugar.  Is that cool?

I’m from New Liskeard, Ontario and I hated it there so now I live in Edmonton, Alberta.  (These are Canadian places if you’re already lost.)  I started creating paleo messes in 2013 and it has organically turned into this rubbish.

I do the yoga thang, and the living-near-the-mountains snowboarding thang, the trap music thang, and definitely the bone broth thang.

Whyyyy, paleo?  I was hella sick and my naturopath told me this would fix me.  I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, some inflammation issues and the metabolism of a small army.    I need good whole healthy food, and lots of it.  I mostly use Instagram as a hub for interactions but you can always shoot me an e-mail.

Cool cool cool.